• El Mirador Cave is located at 1.033 m.a.s.l. on the southern side of the UNESCO World Heritage Archaeological site of Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain).

  • Archaeological works conducted since 1999 have attested to extensive human occupation at the site from the Upper Palaeolithic.

  • GeoFodder addresses the study of the 6 m deep Holocene sequence documented in the cave, which consists largely of fumier deposits with chronologies ranging from the Early Neolithic through to the Bronze Age.

  • The integration of GeoFodder in the interdisciplinary investigations of the Holocene sequence of El Mirador Cave will improve our understanding of the role of herding in this key early farming site of SW Europe.

Mirador fumier.jpg

Fumier deposits of El Mirador Cave. Image courtesy of J.M. Vergès.


Aerial view of El Mirador Cave. Image courtesy of J.M. Vergès.


Sampling of sediment blocks for micromorphological analysis of the fumier  deposits of El Mirador Cave.