• Mas del Pepet is located at 880m m.a.s.l. on the Masd'en Llort cliff, in the south section of the Catalan Pre-Coastal Range.The site holds a modern constructed area attached to the rock-shelter wall where a mixed herd consisting of goats and some sheep is sheltered periodically. 

  • Since 2014 archaeological works have been conducted at the site within an extensive research programme that experimentally replicates prehistoric fumier practices involving herding of ovicaprids and recurrent burning of residues.

  • The role of GeoFodder in the experimental programme is to provide high-resolution sedimentary data of modern fumier stratigraphy and compositon, with a focus on fodder. Subsequent comparison of reference and archaeological data will improve our understanding of deposit formation and artefact taphonomy.





Mas Pepet.jpg

Rock-shelter and herding installations at Mas del Pepet site.


Sampling of burnned fumier sediments.

Burning of fumier residues.jpg
Burning dung pile-up.jpg

Experimental burning at Mas del Pepet.

Images courtesy of J. M. Vergès.